Old Louisville Precincts

Please keep in mind that precinct boundaries are irregular, and the information below is a rough description.  For precise precinct information by your address, go to the Jefferson County Clerk's website at http://www.countyclerk.jefferson.ky.us/ (under Voter Information) or the City of Louisville Metro Address Profiler at http://loukymetro.org/map.asp .  Note, that as with all government websites, whether just to confuse you or because of misunderstanding of Internet stability, links and pages will often disappear without notice.  In that case, first try the primary URL and then try to navigate to the new section that will deliver the information you want.

Precinct borders usually go down the middle of a street.  When a precinct line goes down a street, one side of the street will be in one precinct, the other side of the street will be in another.

M120 - Roughly from north to south between Kentucky and Oak Streets, east to west between Brook and 7th  Street, but as far south as Park on the far west side
Vote at Walnut Street Baptist, Pettigrew Building, 1101 S. Third St. (was St. Louis Bertrand Church, 1126 S. Sixth St. until 2010)

M121 - South of M120, from Kentucky (N) to 2nd (E) to 7th (W) to Park or Magnolia (S).  This precinct zigzags a lot.
Vote at Puritan Apartments, 1244 S. Fourth St.

M123 - As far north as Oak Street, and as far south as Gaulbert, as far east as Brook and as far west as St. James Court.
Vote at Hillebrand House, 1235 S. Third St, rear entrance by parking lot.

M124 - Oak on the North, Hill on the south, Brook on the east and Preston on the West.
Vote at Engine Co. #15, 1328 S Preston St.

K104 - About half in Old Louisville. W. St. James Court, W Belgravia, 6th South of Magnolia, and west and south into the "Cabbage Patch".
Vote at Engine Co. #16, 1500 S Sixth St.

K105 - This one zigzags a lot. As far north as Magnolia, East side of 3rd, to include the University of Louisville on the south.  As far west as 6th St, and as far east as small portions of Preston.
Vote at Noe Middle School, 121 W. Lee Street.

L143 -  Very small precinct. mostly in Old Louisville, west of M120. Between Kentucky and Oak, Brook and Interstate-65.
Vote at Engine Co. #15, 1328 S Preston St.

Voting in Jefferson County, Kentucky is primarily done with  Diebold ACCU-VOTE ES Optical Scan Tabulation.  Missing vote rates on these Diebold machines is estimated at 3.64% based on 2004 Florida Primary results. (link).  Diebold is one of the companies now getting a lot of heat for its voting machines and security flaws in the 2004 elections. (link) (link) (Diebold site)